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"I have been a patient of Jefferson Cardiology since 2001 and have always found them to be both knowledgeable and compassionate.

My daughter has been a patient since she was 20 (she is now 50). Jefferson Cardiology always keeps us informed and makes us both feel at ease.

Our heartfelt thanks to Jefferson Cardiology and Their staff is sent with sincere appreciation."



"25 years ago I had a massive heart attack and have been a patient of Jefferson Cardiology and staff ever since. Words cannot express my gratitude for the care I have received."



"I have been coming here for about 30 years, and I've always been satisfied with the treatment I've received."




" Jefferson Cardiology is the type of practice you always hope to have treat you. Their expertise is mixed with patience and kindness with really makes you feel secure that your well being has a strong advocate. Jefferson Cardiology and their staff is the only place I would send my loves ones."




" I have been a patient for 20 years of Jefferson Cardiology. My confidence in care received from the doctors and staff. When my wife recently was in need of cardiac care, only Jefferson Cardiology was considered. She too, now has the same confidence I have."




"I am please with our relations with Jefferson Cardiology Association. My health has improved greatly with their expertise. I thank you for all your concern for my health."



" Jefferson Cardiology has taken excellent care of me for over 30 years. Jefferson Cardiology experience, compassion, commitment and dedication are unmatched in the medical community. The quality of care they provide for their patients is the greatest."



"Jefferson Cardiology takes time explaining health situations. They are encouraging and they make me feel that I am more then just a number. I know I am in good hands with Jefferson Cardiology."




" I have complete confidence in my heart doctor's abilities to help me. Because I don't feel rushed during my appointment, many medical concerns I have are alleviated by the time I leave. The doctors support staff is friendly and helpful."




" I have been a patient for over 10 years with Jefferson Cardiology. Through the years I have had many rough times and numerous hospital stays. With the help of Jefferson Cardiology I am still living a very productive life."



" Personal and wonderful. The nurses cooperate with the doctors in preparation for the appointment. The doctors have a great reputation, and they deserve it. I recommend them to other people. I as lo want my children to use their doctors personnel. The staff also follows through on requests for results of blood work or tests. Keep up the good work!."




" Jefferson Cardiology is truly caring and keeps up the whatever is going on in health care. I have 100% faith in Jefferson Cardiology care and I am not even a heart patient."




" 32 years of compassion and cardio care. We are pleased to have Jefferson Cardiology and their staff.
Thanks a million!."




" The service received at Jefferson Cardiology Association have been very, very Satisfactory!"




" Jefferson Cardiology has been a wonderful cardiology practice to me and my wife. I am entitled to V.A. care, but I have great faith in Jefferson Cardiology. The office staff is always helpful, especially "Mary", Brian and the rest."




" Jefferson Cardiology, I have been a patient for more than 25 years. I just want to say that you have cared for me, guided me in a special way. You are caring, very knowledgeable and compassionate. I thank you sincerely!"